Being A Flea Market Entrepreneur

Lots of people choose being a flea market entrepreneur because it is a cheap and a fast way of going into business for one’s self. With the very low overhead and the speed of execution, one could be up and running in under two hours.

All it takes is some, not needed, items laying around the house, or out of the attic or garage, which will take on a new name called merchandise.

Take your merchandise to the local flea market early enough to grab a vacant table or two, before they are all gone. After you set up your table to display your items, soon are later someone will come by to collect five or ten dollar or so for the table rent. Depending on when the landlord comes by to get the rent, you may have sold enough merchandise to not even go into your own pocket to meet that expense.

Now you are in business for yourself and already in profit, provided your sales at this point out weigh your table cost, with very little planning. All this could take less than two hour to do. And even more importantly, it will scratch that ever present itch of having and running your own business.

One of the other ways of getting your merchandise is to go around on the trash collection day in a neighborhood and pick up the valuable discords people throw away. As the saying goes, “one person’s rubbish is another’s person’s treasure.” Still another way of getting merchandise is to visit yard sales where you can buy your merchandise at deep discounts which can be sold at a profit. Still another is to visit the thrift stores and other flea markets to purchase your items. Auctions are still another way to obtain cheap merchandise.