Communication Skills – Jack of All Trades

Communication Skills – Jack of All Trades

A “workplace” is a jungle of expectations. Many skills assist an individual in being a well- rounded employee. A bundle of skills comprising of “Oral Communication skills”, “written communications skills”, “technical skills”, “leadership skills”, “analytical abilities” make an individual a complete asset for the company. There is an underlying importance of every skill, but some skill set as in oral communication, written communication and technical skills outshine above all.

Technical Skills at Workplace

Communication is learnt right from the initial years of childhood. As years roll, there is a fine polishing to the communication we practice day in and day out. This is the first step through which we cross the gatekeeper and enter joyfully in the office of our choice to execute our task perfectly. In order to perform well, excel in our task, we need to hone up our technical skills. So the importance of sound “technical skills” tops the priority list in making an individual a well rounded employee.

Oral Communication

“Multi-tasking” and a “Combination-Profile” are very essential to excel in your job. “Oral Speech” is the most effective way to generate business. Just adapting the technical knowledge won’t help. You need to blend the flow of oral speech along with the technical knowledge and work smart. So here you are, oral communication skills are complimenting the technical skills enhancing your chance to proper in your career.

Written Communication Skills

In this internet savvy world where almost a major part of business is done through written communication, and that too communication crossing the geographical boundaries, you need to keep a check on how you mould your language to effective business generating tool. You speech should be a “selling speech” which convinces the listener to deal with you and bring business to your firm.

It’s a World of Smartness

In the good old days, parents advised their children to “Work Hard” to earn a decent living. But nowadays it’s an era of smart work and multi-tasking. We have to blend all our skills into a mixture of tremendous productive output. Combining our analytical, verbal, oral, skills we have to perform under all circumstances.


There is a different skill required for different job profiles. If you are into communications job profile then you will have to have excellent communication skills, if you are into operations then you need to be well versed into analytical thinking. So, on an ending note you have various skills inbuilt in you, that automatically overshadow the others according to time and requirement.