Employment Personality Assessments Can Help You Hire the Best

Employment Personality Assessments Can Help You Hire the Best

It used to be that in order to find the best possible candidate for a job position, human resources professionals and hiring managers had to sift through endless resumes and cover letters, conduct initial interviews, and sometimes even arrange for a second interview before narrowing it down to just a single person. Even then, there were no guarantees that this new hire would completely acclimate to office culture, and nothing prevented them from leaving in the months to come.

That method of finding a job candidate is tedious and time-consuming, especially if employee turnover enters the equation. To simplify matters but still have the same amount of quality candidates to choose from, many companies have started to favor the applicant tracking system and other related technology.

The applicant tracking system or ATS is a type of computer software that aids in hiring employees. Instead of manually combing through each resume and cover letter, ATS software can do so for you, filtering it down according to keywords that you find important. You can also search by criteria like which schools a candidate graduated from, what their skills are, how much experience they have for the position, and where they used to work.

As you can imagine, this makes the jobs and lives of HR professionals and hiring managers infinitely easier. This isn’t even a new practice. Bersin by Deloitte through Forbes found in 2013 that up at least 60 percent of businesses had turned to ATS software or similar software known as big data.

One popular company producing big data is Chequed, a brand that has existed since 2008. Not only can you find software to help make the hiring process infinitely simpler, but other programs allow you to create employment personality assessments, write suitable job applications to attract the best candidates, review references without making a lot of phone calls, and even come up with the most engaging interview questions.

Finding the right person for the job starts off by being able to relay the duties of that job adequately and correctly. Chequed lets you browse through various job profiles, up to 900 total, that you can change to match the type of company that you run. By being upfront about the principles that make each company unique, hiring managers and HR professionals don’t have to waste time sifting through many inappropriate candidates. Employment personality assessments also allow you to weed out those who wouldn’t be a good fit.

Once a company has made their choice and hired someone new, there’s no need to stop using big data. Some hiring software can even determine if a company is likely to stay with a company or not. This prevents a sudden loss in productivity and revenue.