How Has Interviewing Changed Over The Years

How Has Interviewing Changed Over The Years

This question is asked frequently at interviewing seminars I conduct. Job candidates want to know how interviewing has changed since the last time they interviewed some 20 years ago?

Successful interviewing hasn’t changed much over the past two decades. You still need to present your achievements while matching them to the job’s specifications. And you still need to answer those killer questions we’ve been discussing all week; tough interview questions waiting to play “gotcha.”

However, the way employers hire has changed. All you had to do 20 years ago was provide information and match your achievements in previous jobs to the needs of an interviewer. But today’s interview is more than simply linking your skills to the job description.

You need to differentiate yourself from other job applicants. How? By focusing not only on what you’ve done, but how your accomplishments will add value to a company.

Hiring managers will see you as a valuable player when you can show the qualities of self-management and the ability to learn quickly. There are fewer layers of management in place at most companies, as employers downsize to increase profits by making due with less. So you must do your job with less supervision than you did a couple of decades ago.

You also need to show enthusiasm for previous work and especially for the job you’re being interviewed for. And effective interviewing today includes your ability to demonstrate how you were able to get things done, finish your work early, and pitch in to help colleagues. We’re talking about taking the initiative here.

And technology has had a huge impact on the way employers hire these days. Large, medium size, and small companies rely on technology to streamline operations and procedures. So companies want employees who are computer literate, eager to learn new skills, and able to adjust to the faster pace of business.

Every job has been affected by technology. Therefore, you must have or acquire at least a basic technical aptitude to compete in this job market. Older workers, especially, must show job interviewers how they’ve kept up with technology.

Other than your explaining the way in which you’re keeping in step with technology and how you will be able to add value to a company, you will find that interviewers’ hiring criteria remain the same.

To roll with the changes in the way manager’s hire, be able to give examples at job interviews of your efficiency in those three key areas we’ve been discussing

1. Your quick learning ability

2. Your self management skills,

3. Your technical proficiency.

Because job interviewers like candidates who are self assured, talk about the three key areas with lots of enthusiasm.