Instant Cash! How to Make $75 Per Day Writing Articles (No Experience Required)

Instant Cash! How to Make  Per Day Writing Articles (No Experience Required)

Who else thinks that earning easy money online is a thing of the past? Do you believe that you’ve got to spend days, weeks, months or even years learning exotic online marketing strategies for making REAL money from home? Or maybe you think that the ONLY way to turn your passion into profit when it comes to a home based business is to do things that feel wrong, too strong, or more high pressure or unethical than you are comfortable with?

The truth is, there ARE a whole host of strategies that anyone reading this right now CAN use to earn a simple but steady income online, no gimmicks, no gadgets and no “gurus” required.

The best part? You can start testing some of these concepts today, right now… without spending much money, or investing your hard earned savings no speculative strategies that only make ONE person rich – the “guru” or social media “superstar” who promises you the world, but delivers nothing but disappointment.

My favorite way to earn easy money for newbies or beginners?

Content marketing for cash. I call this approach “the strategy of straight lines” simply because it’s a very simple, linear marketing model that WILL work for anyone, and requires no real selling at all.

Here is how it works:

1 – Pick an affiliate offer that has an EPC of $100 or more. (EPC stands for average earnings per every 100 visitors referred)

2 – Register an inexpensive domain name related to the offer above.

3 – Write articles just like this one, on the TOPIC or niche that overarches the offer above.

4 – Refer your resource box to the URL you registered in step 2

5 – Refer (or “re-direct”) your URL to the offer you picked in step 1

6 – Create enough content every day that the average number of visitors you refer matches the EPC you are trying to earn on a day to day basis.

If you need to earn $75 per day, you simply need to refer 100 visitors, on a program that has an EPC of 75 to earn that amount, on average.

And trust me… in the BIG niches like diet, dating, divorce and similar, generating 100 visitors a day with articles, is NOT all that difficult. I used the very same strategy above to generate more than 1 million NEW readers in 6 months in a dating niche a few years ago, 100% part time and without any real experience in the niche at all.

The good news?

So TOO can you. But don’t trust me – I challenge you to try and apply this approach, and watch your progress, and profits grow by leaps and bounds, starting today!