Logo Design No-Nos For Online Entrepreneurs

Logo Design No-Nos For Online Entrepreneurs

Once you engage in an online business, you will have to contend with hundreds if not thousands of competitors. Being unique will therefore give you an edge and that edge in the online business landscape would spell the difference between wild success and utter failure. One of the things that will make your online business unique is its equivalent of a flag; its logo.

Whenever you see the “swoosh”, you exactly know that the product it is emblazoned on is made by Nike. What you have heard about that company as far as how they make their product would apply to whatever that product you saw with the swoosh. You want the same familiarity with your brand’s logo and your business so it is a big deal when deciding what logo to use for your business.

Unfortunately, there is no complete template that we can follow to design the perfect logo. On the flip side, there are some things that we can avoid so that we can be one step closer to providing our business with the perfect or ideal logo.

One logo design no-no is commissioning amateurs to do the job. You get what you pay for in this business and when you opt to do business with a company that promises very fast turnaround time and very cheap rates; you should not expect the best outcome. It is always better to work with an established logo design company which may charge higher but you can be sure that they would deliver something great.

Another thing you should tell the company you have commissioned to do your logo is to avoid relying on what’s hot today. Depending too much on trends could leave you with a logo that would look outdated in 5 or 10 years from now. By starting from scratch and from an idea inherent to your business, you can be assured that your logo would not fade with the passing of time.

Remember that you would use your logo in just about anything relating to your business. For example, when handing out flyers, it makes sense that you use only black to save on expenses. If your logo depends too much on color to make sense, you’ll face quite a problem. It is even strongly recommended that the logo design process should start with a black and white version of the logo. This way, you would easily know how it would look in black and white when forced to reproduce the logo in said tones.

Originality is very important. Stock images should be avoided. Copyright laws are very serious and amateur designers might not be aware of these. As such, if they use stock images and incorporated it in your business’ logo, you could find yourself in legal troubles down the line.

We cannot stress enough the importance of having the ideal logo for your business. It will serve as the face of your business and you surely want your business’ face to look its best. Avoid these big no-nos, read more about logo design, look at why certain logos are very popular and appealing, and sure enough, you can have a logo that perfectly matches your business.