Networking Magic Cures Your Marketing Problems and Other Bizarre Online Social Networking Tools

Networking Magic Cures Your Marketing Problems and Other Bizarre Online Social Networking Tools

What if you could network while you sleep or at work? Linked In allows you to network online, complementing your existing online presence.

Word of mouth alone is ineffective unless you give it a push through such means as effective promotional materials, testimonials and access to a large group of your potential customers. All of these items can be provided through Linked In and they’re all free.

Tatsuya Nakagawa of Atomica Creative Group is a strong advocate of LinkedIn and was the one who got me excited about it. Here are his top five reasons to use LinkedIn:

o Networking presence 24 hours per day.

o You build relationships faster.

o Using the “six degrees of separation” theory, you could theoretically have access to hundreds of thousands of people through your existing contacts.

o You only get contacts from trusted sources.

o Linked in is also an effective contact management tool. (Contact info, business description and brief bio in an online database.)

There are 60+ social networking sites out there. He tried 11 of them and narrowed it down to 3, and he is currently using 1. “Bottom line: most of the sites are too social and not business. There are however some special interest group sites that are doing well.” With a free tool called “LinkedIn” ( you can market yourself and network 24/7. You may also get in touch with Mr. Nakagawa at

I joined this organization which we are promoting since 8 months ago. I never really thought the power of this business tool. Until recently I read Mark Victor Hansen’s and Robert Allen’s Cracking the Millionaire Code book. They talked about codes and one of these codes is “Angel Code.” It talked about people who are able to help us achieve our vision and mission. They also discussed about the “small world phenomenon” and instead of using 6 degrees of separation, they reclassify the term to 6 degrees of connection.

This means that we’re only 6 degrees away from anyone in the world. This is the concept behind these online social networking tools. Although, one of my friends told me, that in one of their workshops, there were only 50 participants and their discovery was that most of them are only 2 degrees away from either Bill Gates or Ophrah! Amazing isn’t it?!? She also told me that when you do the 6 degrees mathematics it will exceed the population of the world….hmnn…..mind blowing information. All I want to say is, isn’t it amazing how technology work? Lastly, your network equals your net worth.