What Is Traditional Hypnosis?

First you need to know about hypnosis. Hypnosis is a mental state of trance which is later followed by giving suggestion. Using the suggestion, hypnosis can cure a lot of psychological health problems, like stress, addiction, and phobia. It can also help physical problems like reducing pain, for example the pain caused by chemotherapy in cancer patients.

The more advance use of hypnosis is NLP or Neuro-linguistic programming. NLP is a kind of hypnosis which uses words and communication. It can be used in almost any areas. If you are a salesman, NLP help you to sell your product. If you are an entrepreneur, NLP help you to negotiate. So basically hypnosis can be used in almost any area.

There are various types of hypnosis. One of them is traditional hypnosis. Traditional hypnosis is when you go to a hypnotist, and were given hypnotic suggestions. In traditional hypnosis the hypnotist will ask you to close your eyes, relax, and forgot everything that is in your mind. After you are in trance mode, he will give your hypnotic suggestion. If you want to stop smoking, in your therapy session your hypnotist might ask you to visualize the bad of smoking, how the smoke hurt your nose and eyes, or how it smells awful. Then he will give you suggestion that you will be OK when not smoking, and when you remember to smoke you will remember the awful smell from a cigarette. This will help you stop smoking and this is how traditional hypnosis works.

Traditional hypnosis will only work on people who are easy to follow order, someone who is not critical, and someone who will accept your hypnotic suggestion. Usually a hypnotic will know whether his patient is critical or not before the session. If traditional does not work, the hypnotist needs to use another method like conversational hypnosis.

Traditional works well for people who easily follow other people order or command. If traditional hypnosis does not work, other hypnosis method is used like conversational Hypnosis.

Conversational hypnosis is a type of hypnosis where hypnosis is done to a subject or patient with the use of words and persuasion. Like traditional hypnosis conversational hypnosis can also be used to treat stress, addiction, and phobia. You might know conversational hypnosis in action when you watch TV where there is news on a person who asks a cashier to hand over her money without resistance.