Are You the CEO of Your Life and Do You Get Value From Your Daily Performance?

Are You the CEO of Your Life and Do You Get Value From Your Daily Performance?

What is a Cynic?

“A man who knows the price of everything and the value of nothing.” -Oscar Wilde

The most difficult thing I do every day is to identify the value in my activities as a network marketer. As a trainer in the corporate world I showed people how to perform tiny processes to accomplish the company’s business plan, measure the results and assist with identifying best practices and personal modifications to improve performance. As a Sales Director, I did the same thing, only I was responsible for the bigger budget, managing costs, marketing and of course dealing with the “bean counters” and the CEO vision.

I have come to realize nothing is different in Network Marketing except no one is there to hold you back on anything you want to do. I was told by many leaders in the industry that salespeople make the worst network marketers ever and I finally understand what they meant.

The role of Network Marketer is the same as being a CEO.

I thought about the role of a CEO. When you ask a CEO why they get paid so much money and I mean 50 times more than lowest paid company employee, sometimes more; the answer is very revealing. From their point of view; it never has anything to do with their actual education, their successes and accomplishments or their ability to work hard. Their answer is because they can communicate their value. The value of the company they represent and the future perceived value from how they can improve any company’s strongest asset, the employees.

There are plenty of people who know themselves and what they stand for just like a CEO.

A CEO is the person at the top of the corporate pyramid. A CEO seems to have some characteristics that might seem uncommon when compared with the other employees in the company’s pyramid hierarchy but I find those characteristics very common with many people in their everyday lives. Successful CEOs are great leaders. I see great leaders every day; they are the moms, dads, community participants, softball coaches, scout leaders, deacons, and neighborhood watch participants.

The best CEOs have broad and diverse experience and work in a structured manner to achieve goals for their organization. The best Network Marketers have diverse experience in life from everyday living. Do you pay your bills, balance your checkbook, plan maintenances on your home and car, pay your taxes, save for children’s college, meet with teachers, analyze food labels, use a computer or smart phone, get along with your neighbors, help your family, schedule routines? You do a lot of the work of a CEO and do not even realize it! Your experiences, decisions and responsibilities are more than the job you do every day, just like a CEO.

I want you to take a clear thought away from reading this that you can immediately apply. I want to stretch your mind’s eye to compare the role of a CEO with the value of what you do every day and how it pertains to your Network Marketing opportunities.

What is a CEO?

A CEO is the “keeper of the vision”. A great CEO keeps the company on track to achieve that vision. The vision of the company is the main guiding light for an organization’s final goal. There are going to be many decisions and actions that a CEO will have to take, and there are going to be decisions that will satisfy a situation temporarily but will affect a company’s long term vision. Here is where the effective CEO kicks in and ensures the vision of the organization is on track. HINT: substitute the word family for company and think about the decisions, sacrifices and actions you took for your vision of your family.

A CEO is resourceful. They give more than they take every day. They don’t give up. If the wall is too high, they back down and find a way to go around. Being resourceful is an asset to any organization. HINT: your organization is your family, how do you manage, grocery shopping on a budget, driving the kids around, fitting everything into your day, coming up with solutions when you run out of money or run out of time?

A CEO makes good decisions. Decisiveness is something a great CEO has to possess. Without a sound decision making ability, there is very poor chance to lead your organization to success. HINT: what decisions to you make every day for your family’s survival, safety and future?

A CEO is courageous. It takes courage to fire somebody and it takes courage to sign a merger agreement. A CEO is bold at taking actions. HINT: have you fired a plumber, contractor, babysitter, have you changed doctors, hired an insurance agent, lawyer or real estate agent? Picked a school, bought a car or anything that required making decisions in everyday life for what is best your family?

A CEO has an eye for talent. A great CEO is able to spot the right people, with the right personalities and put them in the right seats. Keeping the right person for the right job exponentially increases an organization’s efficiency. Having the wrong people in a responsible post will cause them to perform poorly and undervalue their work. Hint: you should be getting my hints by now.

Are you having an “AHA” moment yet?

Let me ask you, what do you get paid for? You know on your job, what do you get paid for? No matter how you answer that question, what you really get paid for is your TIME! Whether you perform a process, a function, customer service or sales, you get paid for the time you put in and how the value of what you do is perceived by the organization you work in.

As a Network Marketer or a CEO you get paid for keeping your vision, your resourcefulness, making good decisions, being courageous and having an eye for talent. Time is not relative to your income, time is relative to how you learn to master the above as part of your lifestyle and incorporate it into your everyday living experience. You are really doing that now whether you realize it or not.

Your life goes on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, you live and have experiences and perform the same skills as a CEO every single day. As a Network Marketer you earn income living everyday doing exactly what you do in your life now; paying attention and talking to people.

You talk to people. As a Network Marketer you have a product or service you believe in as passionately as a CEO believes in his company. You have an organization to build and you do that by doing what a CEO does every day and what you do now anyways, just talk to people.

The only difference is this. Who pays you to tell everyone about the great restaurant you had dinner at last night? Who pays you to rave about the current reality show your watching? Who pays you to promote or put down the new product you are trying? You do it though, every day, bless your heart!

You are a promoter and denouncer of all commercial items you experience. You also make many CEOs very happy. You are doing the job they want you to do for them and you do it for free! Well actually the cost of getting you to do it is built in the product cost, so when you buy or pay; you not only pay for the product, you pay for the cost of motivating you to promote it to everyone all the time too!

You talk to people every day like a CEO, you make all the same decisions about your life like a CEO and if you were a Network Marketer you would be building an income from everything you do every day just like a CEO. Are you ready to be the CEO of your life? Are you ready to explore Network Marketing?