How to Become a Great Leader & Improve Your Leadership Skills

How to Become a Great Leader & Improve Your Leadership Skills

A great leader is able to inspire his/her workers to work harder. Instead of firing workers, great leaders know how to fire his/her worker up to do their best.

Your leadership skill will determine the size of your business, company and even your position at your work place. I read the book of 1st Samuel and 2nd Samuel from the Holy Bible, from those books; If you have the chance to read them, please read them, they are not that long to read, and what you learn from the books will change the way you relate to other people.

These are qualities of a great leader. Read them, remember them, apply them, teach them and you will remember them.

A great leader is open toward learning. He/she usually loves to read. When you ask a great leader about how he/she is doing in their in life today, usually they will tell you that “They are just getting started.” A great leader will constantly aim toward improving his/her self daily. They will seek wisdom and knowledge from every challenges and trials that they are going through.

A great leader knows how to inspire other people around him/her to do their best.

A great leader has no fear to do what’s right and knows to use the right words at the right time. He/she is masterful with his/her words, because he/she knows that what comes out of his/her mouth matters.

A great leader knows how to appreciate differences. Instead of fighting over people’s differences, a great leader knows how to utilize different people’s strength and talent to strengthen his/her organization.

A great leader is willing to take the first step into battle or challenges and others then will follow. He/she doesn’t wait for other people to throw the trash for him/her, he/she usually takes the trash out by him/her self without any body else telling him or her what to do.

A great leader knows how to motivate him/her self. One of the main reasons why so many people are not successful in what they do, it’s because they are unable to motivate themselves. Life is full of challenges and trials, but our ability to deal with our disappointments and to motivate ourselves when we have been knocked down will determine the level of success.

A great leader treats other people as they important. Every body wants to be treated with respect and they want to be appreciated. People want to know that their self-worth is important and a great leader knows how to show a genuine appreciation & complement toward other people.

A great leader will do his/her best at his present position and situation in spite of the challenges, trials and difficulties he/she is facing at the present time. He/she will do his/her best without complaining about their difficult situation. Joseph is a great example of a great leader. You can read it in the book of Genesis.

A great leader knows that there is a beginning in everything. There will be time of preparation, and there will be time for performing. Those who have great preparation usually will do better than those who don’t have preparation. He/she is patient, and he/she is willing to wait during the time of preparation. A baby must learn how to crawl, stand up, walk and then run.

A great leader knows how to teach his/her knowledge to other people. He/she doesn’t mind to teach what they know to other people who are willing to learn what he/she knows. Usually a great leader becomes a great mentor to his/her students.

A great leader is not self-centered. He/she cares about the interest of others. He/she is usually a great servant. Even though he/she is in a high position, he/she doesn’t mind to serve other people.

A great leader writes down his/her goals, so he/she knows where to hit them. You can not hit a goal that doesn’t exist. When you see your goal written out, you will be able to see it and to reach for it. Can you imagine a game of basket ball without the baskets to aim the ball? Even a great shooter needs a target so he/she can hit it. People know that they are great shooters, because they know how to hit the target accurately. Without the target, how can they tell whether they have hit their target accurately? You must have a clear, definite and written out goals of your life if you want to become a great leader!

A great leader is not lazy, he/she is willing to do what ever it takes to grow his/her self to become a better leader.

I believe with all my heart my friends that you also can be a great leader. No body is born a leader, but a great leader is made! You also can choose to grow to become a great leader. Start today in your daily life. Apply these principals in your life and you will see a big difference and change in your life. Take small step each and every that will take you where you want to go, it’s better than standing still and doing nothing.