Mark Yarnell Wants to Show You How to Make $100,000 Per Month in a Year

Mark Yarnell Wants to Show You How to Make 0,000 Per Month in a Year

Who is Mark Yarnell and Why Should I Listen To Him?

He’s 60 years old, a bestselling author, a network marketing legend with 24 years of networking know how and he’s going to blow your mind with the information he recently shared with me. Mark Yarnell wants to show you 5 things that will make your reach $100,000 per month in 1 year in the MLM industry.

$100,000 A Month! What 5 Things Do I Need To Do?

1. The Core Values Match question. Ask yourself, does this business opportunity I’m currently involved with or considering, agree with my core values. So in simpler terms, “Do you believe in this opportunity and its products/services so deeply that you would sign up your own mama without hesitation?” If your answer is a clear cut “No”, then what you’re looking at isn’t a match with your core values and you should move on to do your due diligence on your next opportunity.

2. Does your business opportunity have a large market sector? Whatever your products/services you’re marketing needs to have a large enough audience to sell to. You’re much better off joining a marketing company where 100% of the people use your products or services everyday as oppose to 75% of people who don’t use it at all. Get the picture?

3. Spend 2 Hours Daily On Professional Relationship Building. Mark Yarnell doesn’t care what time of the day or evening you do it, but you must take 2 focused hours every day and speak with your leads. Remember in this industry one makes money by retailing products/services along with recruiting into your team. Just work Monday – Friday, weekends off.

4. Decide whether you’re going to earn $100,000 using the 1, 2 or 3 year plan. Here’s the formula
o 1 year plan (talk to 30 people a day, Monday through Friday for 20 days a month)
o 2 year plan (talk to 20 people a day, Monday through Friday for 20 days a month)
o 3 year plan (talk to 10 people a day, Monday through Friday for 20 days a month)

How on earth can I talk to 30 people a day? If your marketing your business effectively, then you shouldn’t have a problem generating 30 leads a day. If you’re not getting 30 leads a day, subscribe down below and let me introduce you to the marketing methods that are allowing me to have more leads than I can handle. You’re not having 30 minute conversations with each prospect. Spend a few minutes just driving people to information. If you’ve spoken to 10 people but left voice messages for the other 20, well you’ve spoken to your 30 prospects for the day.

5. Recognize & Avoid the 10 Biggest landmines that blow up one’s career in MLM
o Don’t let other’s compare their company to yours – these people are vampires and will suck your energy.
o Don’t join multiple marketing companies for multiple streams of income. Focus on 1 company only.
o Multitask bomb. Focus on one thing. You can’t multi focus
o Banker bomb. Don’t loan people money for their starter kit.
o Product expert bomb – the more technically oriented you become about your product and service the more you’ll baffle people on your company. Don’t become an expert
o Friends and family bomb – not a market to be exploited. They’ll join when you start making big money. Don’t run them away.
o Network meeting bomb – meeting where you pitch your deal for 30 seconds. Other networkers are only there to push their own deals
o Dabble bomb – Your looking for people that have enough IQ who really want to hit the ground running and go to work. Don’t waste your time over a part timer (e.g. only works 2 hours a week and wants to make a $100,000 a month.
o Dump bomb – don’t dump all your information on your prospect the 1st time you talk to them. Just give them enough to get excited.
o Short Cut bomb – there are no short cuts, this is hard work but it’s worth it. Remember full time focused work is still 2 hours a day, Monday through Friday.

I hope you all found this information of value to you and your respective businesses. Mark Yarnell calls it like he sees it and I admire that. Follow Mark’s advice and there is no doubt that you to will be a top producer. Don’t let life or excuses stop you. Nobody said this would be easy and if they did they lied to you! Keep your consistency going and don’t let anyone bring you down with negative comments. Remember everyone to keep your focus and the eye on your prize.

If you’re not getting the proper training to market your respective businesses or having problems generating leads consistently, put your information down below and begin to learn the proper way to market and explode your business. To your prosperity and God bless you all.