Multi-Level Marketing – The 4 Phases of Expansion Your MLM Business MUST Go Through

Multi-Level Marketing – The 4 Phases of Expansion Your MLM Business MUST Go Through

I’m sure you’ve wondered how you can completely transform your Network Marketing business, generating tons of leads, recruiting loads of new partners, and seeing success in your life using an easy marketing system – all while living your life the way you want?

The following 4 Phases to MLM success that I am going to explain to you are critical for you to understand if you are ever going to achieve any real amount of success in Network Marketing. This is particularly valuable information to share and to keep in mind when coaching your new associates. Also, for those of you who have been in the industry for a while and feel as though you’re ‘stuck’, this may lend some clues as to why.

Phase One – In expanding your MLM business, prospecting is the first stage. This is what is taught by most MLM companies, e.g., making a list and contacting everyone on it. Here, we have an interesting spin on that advice: this phase only lasts from 72 hours to about 2 weeks. The important point about this is that there is limited time and therefore you won’t continue bothering those closest to you (at least until they are ready). Another term for this phase is the Novice Phase. Phase ONE is The ‘Old School Networking’ Tactics = Warm Market, Business Networking and Referral Strategies. This is the stage where most failure occurs.

Phase Two – The second stage is Direct Marketing. This phase will take some time as you develop your marketing system to reach out to the 6.5 billion people in the world that you don’t know. Your campaign may include many different types of marketing, like article marketing, classifieds, mailers, and the like.

In this stage your leads are generated through both local and online advertising. Don’t forget – in this industry these campaigns are what give you LEVERAGE. BUT the most successful marketers take it to the next level.

Phase Three – The third stage is known as Attraction Marketing. The start of this stage is when you have too many leads to possibly contact. New strategies are needed, e.g., creating a “product” to sell to your contacts.

Phase THREE marketing is achieved when YOU become the hunted instead of the hunter. Phase THREE marketing happens when you start having people call you, ready to join, with no persuasion, effort, or time expended on your part.

This is the phase of the master!

Phase 4 – Mentoring is the fourth phase. This is when you personally choose and mentor at least three people to bring them to success in their businesses. Success is defined as creating income in someone’s life beyond what they’ve ever made before. Phase 4 is where you can live on the beach and drink out of a Pina Colada (Or whatever you prefer to drink!) and yet your residual income check continues to come in, week after week, year after year and actually increases over time!

When there is no need for you to ever recruit anyone personally for your business again, you have entered phase four. Phase 4 only happens in the presence of a well designed attraction marketing system, and enough success and leadership in your team.

Phase FOUR is the DREAM of Network Marketers, and almost NO ONE knows how to do it.

The goal you should have is to get from Phase 1 to Phase 4 as fast as possible! Did you see yourself in any of these phases? Unfortunately, most never learn these network marketing secrets and either quit or never make it past Phase 1. Many times they aren’t even trained how to get past Phase 2, if they’re even trained on Phase 2 at all.

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