A Good Car Salesman Can Earn Six Figures a Year

A Good Car Salesman Can Earn Six Figures a Year

You might be surprised to know that a good car salesman can earn a very nice annual income. Most people don’t realize that and many might even look down on the auto salesman, but that automobile salesman might be earning as much or more of many so called professionals in the work force today. I know and have met many that earn over 100K a year and there are even some that are hitting the 200K mark.

It’s surprising to hear that for most people, but things are different now in the car business and the slick talking, white shoe wearing and cigarette smoking car salesman of the past has gone away. It’s a new generation and the only people that can earn that kind of money selling cars are the good car salesmen.

Today’s successful auto salesman needs to know the product they are representing from safety features to specifications and everything in between. The car buyer of today has the power of the Internet to find out anything they want to know about buying a car from price, dealer invoice, financing and incentives. It is very hard to pull the wool over the eyes of the automobile buyer today.

The Good Car Salesman is a Professional

The process of buying a new car today is a transparent transaction because of the information that is available to the informed consumer. A good car salesman is the only kind of auto salesman that can make a prosperous career of selling cars today. The professional vehicle sales representative no longer tricks or deceives their customer, but instead assists and educates them.

The good car salesman is a professional and therefore has the opportunity to earn a six figure income selling cars. They are trained regularly by the auto manufacturers and kept current on all the newest technology and safety systems. They are usually tested and monitored by both the dealership where they are employed and the automakers that they represent. As you can see they go through the same thing that any other professional occupation does and should be entitled to earn a six figure income.

So the next time you think of a car salesman you should think of the professional auto sales person and the potential earning opportunities they have rather than the old stereotype of the shyster or crook. Just as you will have in any business or profession, there are some people that are better than others. I am not saying that all vehicle sales people earn 100K a year. I am saying that the good car salesman that is a true professional can.

Selling cars for a living is still work because there is no such thing as money for nothing, but the person that wants to sell cars and make the commitment to develop themselves and their career has the potential to become a good car salesman or car saleswoman and make a six figure income selling cars. Who knows you might really enjoy the life of a car sales person, it’s much more fun when you are earning a substantial income.