Affiliate Marketing Strategy – What Are The Basics For Making Money In Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing Strategy – What Are The Basics For Making Money In Affiliate Marketing?

One of the best ways to have an income from affiliate marketing is to choose a niche in which you are familiar with it is very well understood. One of the key factors which contributes to earning income online is knowing what you are selling.

A niche within a niche is very helpful. If you know almost anything about the product, you will be able to market. One of my favourite ways to market is to create articles and submit them to big blogging directories.

Once I have a niche within a niche, I’ll make sure I have good keyword research tools and make sure I have very good content. I’ll make sure that I have some of my own affiliate links sprinkled in some of my posts to increase my page rank and to increase my site traffic.

This is an ongoing task. The best place to keep track of all of your efforts and your website traffic in one place is with a squeeze page. This is a page where you have to collect names and emails and submit to a growing list of websites as well as having a opt in mailing list for any products you may have coming out in the future.

When you have your web and mailing lists you have all the traffic, contacts, and websites you could ever want. You can go from niche to niche as you please and not have to worry about being away from your computer for very long.

The above is what I use for a general affiliate marketing strategy. The more specific the niche is, the harder it is to make money. One of the best ways for this is through using free resources to learn. For example if the niche is health, you want to learn about the best diet and supplements and you want to become an expert in this area. This is something that you cannot do if you’re not researching yourself. This will take a lot of your time and be hard work but the returns will be much higher than if you were free to choose any affiliate program and were going to promote it as you like.

* Getting in touch with the product owner.

“Getting in touch with the product owner” is the second method listed in the above paragraph. The reason I call it “Getting in touch with the product owner” is because you have to go through some hoops with the product owner. If you’re smart, you’ll have an email list, and a website of your own with a very good opt in list. If you have to create an email autoresponder, then you’re better off with the email autoresponder of your own because you can get more emails out to your list faster and it will only take a few minutes to have a great list. If your not smart you won’t have the time to create a great email autoresponder of your own.

The third method for the affiliate marketing strategy is to write articles and submit them to the top article directories. For most niches this will take a lot of your time, however if your niche is very broad like “weight loss” then this is a very easy way to make money.

The fourth method is to write blogs on the topic of your niche. A blog is more of a diary that you post your views and comments on all kinds of topics.

The fifth method and final method is to get your site indexed in the search engines. This is the hardest method for most people. There are different strategies for doing so.

* Article marketing. This is the easiest method for most people. This is because you write up a blog or a mini site on your topic and add your articles there and if Google or Yahoo sees that they will index it and give it good ranking. This is the most effective way though out any niche.

The methods above are the basic ones that you need to be smart with. As you can see the affiliate marketing strategy is actually very easy. It’s not hard for most people but it does demand a decent effort from you.

If you follow these 3 strategies plus create your own affiliate website then you should make a decent return on your investment.