How to Promote Your Website For Free?

How to Promote Your Website For Free?

Once you have finished designing your website, logo (if its a business site) and set up the content as well, its time for the site promotion where you market your site and make it popular in the vast internet World. I just want to explain in simple words how to promote or market your site and make it visible to the dot com communities.

1. If you have already started promoting your website then keep going and keep doing it continuously. A good website will take sometime to become popular but once it does, it would stay at that position for a long time.

2. Have some patience. You cannot expect your site to flash in the number 1 position for any keyword overnight. But constant hard work and quality site promotion, good SEO techniques can help you achieve that.

3. Submit your websites to a lot of free directories. This way, your website will get indexed very easily by the top search engines including Google. Also you get a back link to you site which adds value to your PR. By adding your website to the most relevant category, you may also attract targeted visitors to your website from the directory.

4. Make sure that you trade links with fellow readers or bloggers, which would benefit both of you. Trading links is often called link exchange which can be very useful if done with relevant websites or blogs that has a higher PR than yours.

5. Make use of the free classifieds ads on which you can advertise your site. Be sure to make a nice design for your site which will attract a lot of visitors to click on it.

6. Comment on others posts and blogs. This is one of the simplest and the best way to promote your site free of cost. Posting useful and meaningful comments brings back the user to your site and there by developing a good rapport with the other bloggers. Be sure that your comments are sometimes arguable, which will encourage more visitors to click on your comment. Avoid getting nasty or offensive while leaving comments.

If all of the above methods don’t work, then its time for some serious analysis. Track all the visitors, advertisements and transactions of your site. You may want to register with Google webmaster tools or other such reporting tools which will help you analyzer where your visitors came from, how long they stayed in your site and through which link they left your site.

It is a fact that the best things in life are free. As soon as these simple steps make your site popular, you would also agree to this fact.